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Gummy rings are a type of candy known for their ring-like shape, chewy texture, and sweet fruity flavors. Texture: They have a chewy and elastic texture, which is characteristic of many types of gummy candies. This texture makes them enjoyable to eat and adds a satisfying element to the experience. Flavors: Gummy rings come in a wide variety of fruit flavors, such as cherry, watermelon, blue raspberry, peach, green apple, strawberry, and more. Each color of the ring often corresponds to a different flavor. Usage: They are enjoyed as a sweet snack or treat. They are popular among children and adults who appreciate the fruity and chewy nature of the candy. Versatility: Gummy rings can be used creatively in various ways. Some people enjoy wearing them on their fingers before eating them, while others may use them as decorations for baked goods or as toppings for desserts.